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Be a part of Kyoto and feel the Essence of Japan


Kyoto and Nara used to be the capital before the capital moved to Tokyo 150 years ago.Since The Emperor used to live in Nara and then in Kyoto,many important parts of Japanese history and culture had been unfolded and developed in these places. Especially Kyoto was the former capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years; from 794 until 1868.  It retains more than 1,500 Buddhism temples and Shinto shrines since it was not bombed during World War II.

That's why we can say ''Kyoto is the best place to see and feel the Essence of Japan''. 


Kyoto is full of Beauty, History and its unique Culture; such as Beautiful Japanese gardens, Templos with Old wooden architectures, Unique Kyoto-style houses so called ''Machiya'' and many Kyoto-people still living respecting their traditions including tea ceremony, seasonal decorations for their houses and life that you can see with the culture of  Maiko and Geiko in Kyoto. 


If you visit both Kyoto and Nara, you will find the difference between two old capitals.

Kyoto with a style or form more local and originated to Japan, and Nara with civilization affected by the continental culture brought to Japan by Tang Dynasty China.


As Japan has four remarkable seasons, you will find different beauty of Kyoto in each season. Various flowers blooming, moss growing or fresh green leaves coming out from season to season and they always glad our eyes.

Therefore, people living in this country are sensitive to changes of the seasons, and are modest, but, the nationality of being very sensitive to the nature was fostered.


Why don't you be a part of Kyoto and Nara and feel the Essence of Japan?

In my guide tours, I always try to share local's eye's level with a lot of local experience, so that you can enjoy Kyoto not just a visitor but as if you were living in Kyoto. 




You will find so many things to see, feel, learn, experience, taste and ENJOY !!