KYOTO Highlight Tour with Local Guide

In this tour, you can visit a lot of beautiful and “must see places” in Kyoto.

These places became so popular not only because its beauty but also its importance for Japanese culture, history and the life of Japanese people.

For example,
Visiting temples and Shrine, you can not only enjoy their beauty and nature but also learn the difference between two different religions in Japan.
In Gion, Maiko and Geiko(Geisha) district, you can see the authentic culture and art remaining in ancient capital.


In Higashiyama district, you can enjoy strolling narrow stone-paved path with authentic Kyoto-style wooden houses that make you have a taste of slipping through time...


Since this private tour is well organized by local guide, so that you can use your time most efficiently.
You will be able to visit and experience more than you do by yourself.
Please enjoy your stay in Kyoto together with Door to Kyoto!

The price includes...

・Private guide in English or Spanish

・Meet at your hotel in Kyoto

 Not include...
・Entrance tickets

・Food and drink


KYOTO Highlight Tour with Local Guide

8 hrs  ¥30,000

  (+ 10% tax )

Per group up to 7


☆ Meet at your Hotel

1. Arashiyama bamboo forest

 (Stop:45 minutes)

2. Kinkaku-ji temple 

 (Stop:50 minutes)

3. Nijo-jo castle

 (Stop:60 minutes)

4. Gion

 (Stop:20 minutes)

5. Yasui-konpiragu Shrine

 (Stop:20 minutes)

6. Yasaka Pagoda(Hokanji temple)

 (Stop:10 minutes)

7. Higashiyama district(Ninen-zaka/Ishibe koji etc...) 

 (Stop:50 minutes)

More in details

1. Arashiyama bamboo forest

In the morning, we visit Arashiyama area. Since the ancient time, this area was loved by the Emperor and aristocrats because of its beautiful scenery with the Toguestu-bridge crossed over the river-Katsura.

Arashiyama is famous for its bamboo forest. It's very refreshing walking through the bamboo pass.
In Japan,there are about 600 breeds of  Bamboo and we Japanese make good use of bamboo in our life. You can also find shops with many Bamboo Handicrafts.

2. Kinkaku-ji temple (Golden Pavilion)

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) is one the most iconic and popular sights in Japan.  
It's a Zen temple in northern Kyoto whose top two floors are completely covered in real gold leaf. It was built by the Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, the third shogun of the Muromachi shogunate, in 1398.

Here you can see the gorgeous and unique architecture of a Samurai who wanted to be a King of Japan.   

3. Nijo-jo castle

Nijo Castle is the only castle ramained in Kyoto.
It has witnessed the beginning and end of the Tokugawa government that took place from 17C to 19C.Here, you can enjoy the luxurious castle with many forms of arts of Samurai style, such as gorgeous paintings, carvings and beautiful garden. 

4. Gion District

Gion is one of the five districts of Maiko in Kyoto, located near the Yasaka Shrine.


It is full of shops, restaurants and ochaya (tea houses), where Geiko (Kyoto dialect for Geisha) and Maiko (apprentices of Geiko) entertain their guests. In this area you can also find authentic Japanese architectures including Maiko's houses. Authentic Japanese architectures.


If you are lucky, you could meet a Maiko-san!

5. Yasui-konpiragu Shrine

Yasui Konpira-gu shrine is especially popular among young Japanese women because of the Power Stone in its precincts. You will see many people forming a line to perform a ritual of crawling through a hole in a large stone.The ritual is performed to pray for breaking off bad relationships and initiating good ones. Here you can see the idea of Sinto religion that take the importance in prefication. Also you can try it if you'd like.

6. Yasaka Pagoda(Hokanji temple)

Yasaka Pagoda(Hokanji temple)
The five storied pagoda"Yasaka-no-tou" is an iconic architecture in this area. While most pagodas come complete with temples, Yasaka-no-to Pagoda stands mostly alone because the buildings of the temple of which it once belonged (Hokan-ji Temple) having been destroyed by fires,earthquakes and wars over the years.
The pagoda rebuilt in 1440 is remained intact and that makes you feel that you are in authentic scenery of Kyoto.

7. Higashiyama district(Ninen-zaka/Ishibe koji etc...) 

Sannenzaka is located in the histrical area so called Higashiyama area.Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.The Kyoto style houses and paved path brings you into the authentic atomosphere. 

KYOTO Highlight Tour with Local Guide

8 hrs  ¥30,000

  (+ 10% tax )

Per group up to 7


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