Nara & Fushimi Inari Shrine  

In this private tour, we will visit principal attractive sites in Nara & Fushimiinari shrine in Kyoto in one day.

Nara, originally known as Yamato, was Japan's first capital and the seat of the Emperor.
It has a Rich history and had been developed with ideas and technology from Europe, China and Korea via the Silk Road.
By visiting Nara, you will learn how was the life of the people in Japan before the capital moved to Kyoto.
On the tour, I will share with you the history of Nara, the beggining od the Budhism in Japan, what happend to Shinto religion when the Bhudisum arrived, why wild dears are so important for local people and more!
If you'd like to learn the ancient Japan, you can not miss not only Kyoto but also Nara!
On the way back to Kyoto, we will visit Fushimiinari shrine. I love visiting this shrine especially in the evening because the color of red Torii gates would be brilliant and more gorgeous. Also It's less crowded than the mid day.
Let's explore Nara & Fushimiinari toghter!

The price includes...

・Private guide in English or Spanish

・Meet at your hotel in Kyoto

 Not include...
・Entrance tickets

・Food and drink


Nara & Fushimi Inari Shrine

8 hours  ¥30,000


Per group up to 7

​(Tax Included)